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John Mayall 1969



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1. Don't Waste My Time


Tell me woman

Who you're with tonight

If you're on your own

Then that's allright

But if you don't want me with you

Don't Waste My Time with your jive


In this big city

I'm high and dry-

I just can't make out

Though I try

So if you don't want me with you

Don't Waste My Time with your jive


Do you have a place

where we could go?

Or does your mother

want you home?

Don't Waste My Time

I don't have long

It's hard to find a woman

When you know you'll soon be gone


So break the rules

And tell me &quotyes"

I'll prove to you

That love is best

But if you don't want me with you

Don't Waste My Time with your jive


2. Plan For Revolution


Establishment doctrine

in the USA

Make you very uptight

You don't want

Anybody standing in your way

Plan Your Revolution

But you mustn't fail

Examine eyery angle

Or you'll find the power people

Putting you in jail

Because the old ones

Are going to put you down

They want the longhairs out of town

They've forgotten they were rebels too

Fighting for freedom back in '42

But how will you be feeling

Twenty years from now

When all your sons and daughters

Will be criticising you

For the things you do?


Keep your head together

Accept reality

Don't become a druggie

Unless you're

too weak to face responsibility

Take initial action

Show them you are fair

Show them you're constructive

Abide by the laws

Or you will be nowhere

Tell the old ones what has got to be

Point the finger-

It's up to you and me

Get the nation aware of what is wrong

We need to feel

We've got a home where we belong

So study your behavior

Before you criticise

You'll need a lot of leaders

To clear away

Hypocrisy and wars and lies

Don't put off another day

What you could do today!


3. Don't Pick A Flower


4. Something New


When your head 

I sin a tangle

You've got no eyes

To settle down

Check yourself

With an airline

Get your ticket

Out of town

And you'll be somewhere

Travelling on

Very soon

You'll be grooving into

Something New


And that's the way we are

Running wild in the wind

Be true to your feelings

See Something New


5. People Cling Together


6. Waiting For The Right Time


I'm waiting
for the right time
If we meet
I wonder what I'll find
It's all in my head
but I wish she could be mine
I'm hiding
all my love inside

It's hell to know
She doesn't know
but I wanna tell you
She drives me out of my mind
She drives me out of my mind

I'm waiting
for love to come my way
So I wrote her
a letter the other day
So many things
that I wanted to say
Maybe now
it may you go away

It's hell to ...

I'm waiting
how long's it gonna be
A face in the crowd
Does she ever notice me
We never met
so is she a fantasy
How can I know
I'll have to wait and see

It's hell to ...


7. Thinking Of My Woman


I'm sitting in my hotel room

Hoping that she loves me

Wishing I could see her soon


When I left my woman

Was it only yesterday?

Seems like so much longer

Since I had to go away


Parting at all airports

Make me feel I want to cry

When I left my woman

It hurt to have to say goodbye


Somewhere across the country

I wonder what she's doing now

I'm lonely for my woman

I must get her back somehow


8. Counting The Days


9. When I Go


10. Many Miles Apart


Here in New York City


I just can't wait to get back home

I know my baby's waiting

Because she told me on the phone


When I dialed her number

It felt so good to hear her voice

It made the distance shorter

I'd be straight home

If I had the choice


But it makes it not so bad

To be so Many Miles Apart

I'll be home before long

And then she'll satisfy my heart


11. To A Princess


We said goodbye to people and we’ve got one night to love
How shall we spend the hours before I go
We have a chance to tell each other how we really feel inside
So that when the night is over we will know

We’ll have a private banquet by the candlelight in bed
And I’ll treat you like a princess ‘cause you are
We watch the television though there’s nothing much to see
As long as we’re together I don’t care

When we met I never dreamed that things could get so beautiful
We’ve accomplished many things in months and days

Day, ev’ry day is so different from another as we play
To realize the way that love has changed our ways
I never saw you looking quite as pretty as tonight
Is it my imagination or for real

The only certain thing is that I’ll love you through the night
So that when I’ll leave you’ll know just how I feel about you
Don’t think about tomorrow, we should fill our hours with love
No words describe the magic ‘round our bed

We stumbled on perfection and it’s such a precious thing
We will know we’ve got each other and all is said


12. Lying In My Bed